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Do you care for all levels of memory loss?
Yes, our licensed caregivers undergo a rigorous interview process to ensure that they have the skills and compassion needed to assist residents with moderate to severe memory loss including various types of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Can your caregivers assist with incontinence?
Yes, our caregivers our accustomed to assisting residents with personal hygiene matters including toileting. What kind of safety features do your homes have?
Each SeniorCare Home is equipped with:
  • keypad access on exit doors
  • a motion sensor system to alert us when someone is moving around
  • generator back-up for power
  • fire sprinkler system
  • even floor surfaces with smooth transitions from floor to carpet
  • wheelchair ramps at all homes
Do you have licensed caregivers 24/7?
Yes, there is always at least one licensed caregiver on duty. Our Care Specialists typically work 12-hour shifts, and night shift Care Specialists do not sleep on duty. Additionally, we have doctors and nurses on-call any time of day or night. Can a doctor come to the house?
Yes, SeniorCare Homes has built relationships with many doctors who make house calls including Dr. Peter Holt, Dr. Charles Davis, and Dr. Kevin Ferrill. Do you charge extra for advanced care?
No, SeniorCare Homes does not charge extra for higher levels of care. Patients who are bedridden, however, may be charged for the use of a lift. We charge a set monthly fee, regardless of how much care is needed. That fee includes transportation, meals, and outings. We offer options for flexible lengths of stay including month-to-month contracts, long term stays, and respite care. Is there easy access to the outside?
All SeniorCare Homes have easy access to a secure, enclosed backyard and each backyard is equipped with ramp, railings and patio furniture. Keypad access secures exits and motion sensors throughout the house alert staff when residents are moving around. Is transportation provided for activities?
Yes, each SeniorCare Home features a company vehicle to take residents on outings and activities; this transportation is included in the monthly fee. Is your setting appropriate for someone who just needs reminders but is otherwise independent?
Yes, SeniorCare Homes offer a real-home setting with 5 to 8 residents. Our homes are warm, friendly and comfortable, and we encourage people to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible. If someone wants to get something to eat or drink, they can do so. Our homes foster an endearing atmosphere where residents treat one another like family. That being said, each residence may be home to individuals who require very little care, needing only simple reminders to take medication, to others who require extensive care because of advanced stage dementia, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. We invite you to come visit and tour one of our homes to see if it's a good fit for you or your loved one. Will my loved one have to move again?
The great thing about SeniorCare Homes is that we offer all levels of assistance. Our Care Specialists are trained to deal with late stage disease and end of life care. We're incredibly proud of how our caregivers work to create a calm, loving atmosphere for everyone when the time comes to say goodbye. We use hospice support and have doctors on-call 24/7 to provide a continuum of care so that residents never have to leave their residence unless they choose skilled or aggressive treatments such as feeding tubes or ventilators, which require a skilled nursing facility. Can couples live together in a room?
Yes, rooms for couples are available and we can take couples who have different care needs or different disease progressions. A discount applies to couples living in the same residence making this an affordable option. Are residents allowed to bring pets?
Pets are welcomed at SeniorCare Homes on a case-by-case basis. Family members can bring their pets to visit, and the staff often brings their own pets with them for the day. We also have Pets for Life bring dogs in each week. Studies show that “pet therapy” is highly beneficial to seniors' well being. Can you accommodate special diets?
Yes, our Care Specialists prepare all sorts of diets including low sodium, pureed, soft mechanical, and thickened liquids. We create a weekly shopping list, taking into account what each resident needs or has requested, in addition to what menus we have planned for the week. That way, folks get to enjoy some of their favorite foods (within reason) each day. What if my loved one requires skilled nursing?
Residents may leave to receive necessary treatments at a skilled nursing facility. We hold their room and schedule physical and occupational therapy upon their return. Do residents have access to computers?
Yes, we allow residents to have their own computers. Plus, all of our homes have an iPad and WiFi (available to both residents and any guests or family members who come to visit); one residence has a computer lab.
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