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Assisted Living

SeniorCare Homes provides an alternative to traditional Assisted Living facilities that often have long hallways, impersonal care and institutional meal options. Our care is provided in real residential homes, located in Overland Park, where staff has the time to attend to resident needs in ways that are extremely personal and customized with a maximum of 5 residents per home.
  • Pricing is comparable or less than institutional assisted living or nursing home settings.

  • Free yourself from the financial burden of private duty care.

  • Residents form deep friendships with other residents in ways not possible in larger settings.

  • SeniorCare can customize care, food offerings and activities to each resident.

  • Families are able to know staff members on a personal basis.

  • Our staff takes residents on planned outings for meals, ice cream, cultural and art related activities.

  • Home cooked meals are prepared from scratch every day.

  • Families make SeniorCare a home away from home by visiting and enjoying time with their loved one whenever possible.

Call SeniorCare Homes today at (913) 210-1655 to schedule a tour of our facilities or to learn more about our assisted living services.

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